Remington R-51 v. Glock 42

Glock-42-vs-R51The good people over at Triangle Tactical mocked up this overlay of the Glock 42, one of the biggest let-downs of 2014 and the Remington R-51, one of the biggest surprises of 2014 — and SHOT Show isn’t even ’til next week.
Admittedly the guns have nothing in common with each other, fundamentally. The Glock is striker-fired with a pre-set striker and the R-51 is hammer-fired and single-action. The Glock is poly-framed and the Remington alloy-framed. The Glock has a 3.25-inch barrel, the Remington has a 3.4-inch barrel. The Glock is .380 ACP, the Remington is 9mm Parabellum.
So yeah. What’s the drawback? Well, there’s a matter of trigger preference. If you own a full-size Glock this will not be a different trigger to learn. Similarly, though, if you own a 1911 the R-51 is going to be the same. Really, the big difference is that the Remington weighs six ounces more.


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