XT98 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (M14 style rifle) and XT97 Pistol

Last week I blogged about the Taiwanese AR-15 on display at Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE). Two other prototype weapons made by Taiwanese Military Combined Logistics Command, Arsenal 205 were on display, the XT98 rifle and XT97 pistol.
The XT98 is a sniper rifle conversion of the Taiwanese Type 57, a licensed M14 clone. The new XT98 replaces the standard M14 stock with a more modern chassis capable of mounting optics and accessories. It is similar in concept to the M14′s Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle chassis system in use by the US military.
Judging by the serial number (-0001) and the quality of the welding, I think this is definitely a prototype.
The other new gun is the XT97 pistol. This 9mm pistol looks like it is heavily inspired by the Glock design. The major difference from commercially offered Glocks’ is the addition of a slide safety.
Glock has been known to supply pistols with external safeties to police or militaries who require it.


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