VB Berapi LP06, Worst Gun Design Ever?

Back in 2006 a Malaysian company, Vita Berapi, showed off a range of new of assault rifles and pistols. The entire line looked so goofy that the first time I saw them I assumed it was a hoax. I am still not 100% convinced it is real, but I was sent some photos by a reader that look authentic. The VB Berapi LP06 is the primary rifle of the line …
I have seen better looking prop guns on YouTube videos made by 8 year olds. The ring at the top is supposed to hold a scope. Consumer-legal “pistol” rifles in the United States have better butt stocks than this assault rifle. You can see why I think it looks like a hoax.
Their “combat” pistol, the LP-01, can be converted into a “long range” submachine gun called the LP-02 that includes a folding stock, forgrip and large capacity magazine.
Watch the VIDEO
I like the folding stock that incorporates iron sights so the pistol can be used when it is folded up. This weapon makes slightly more sense than that unsightly bullpup rifle, but still looks to big to be practical.


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