Vasectomies For Guns (No, this is not link-bait)

How much do you love your guns? Enough to put your gonads under the knife? In India, local government officials are offering to fast-track hard to get gun licenses in exchange for men agreeing to vasectomies. The LA Times reports …
As gun culture spreads, local governments have offered to fast-track firearms licenses if men have vasectomies. Families include firearms in dowries. And authorities have discouraged celebratory gunfire at weddings after several accidents, including the recent death of a bridegroom when his uncle’s revelry shots went terribly wrong.
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The Indian government has a monopoly on the manufacture of firearms. The government produces guns that are expensive, low quality and based on antiquated designs. An example is this .32 revolver based on the old Webly break-open revolver design. The government sells it for over $1300 USD, almost as much as India’s nominal GDP per capita.


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