USMC would like 40mm version of XM-25

Matthew Cox reports that the USMC like the XM-25 semi-automatic air burst grenade concept but would prefer it in 40mm instead of 25mm.
“I have not seen a detailed analysis on the [XM25's] lethality,” Clark said. “We think we can get more lethality out of a 40mm round.”
In addition to concerns over lethality, the Marines say that the current price tag of roughly $30,000 to hand build one XM25 is just too expensive, Clark said.
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Right now there are only five prototypes being tested by soldiers in Afghanistan. Congress has approved an additional $24.7 million to pay for 36 new prototype XM25s and the ammunition and spare parts to go with them.
If they cannot pay $30,000 for a prototype, I don’t think their budget will extend to the R&D needed to take it from 25mm to 40mm.
Compared to the 14-pound XM25, the MPRS optic/computer, ambidextrous touch pad and connection cable adds about one pound to a rifle equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher, IMI officials said.
The Israeli Defense Force could field the MPRS in early 2012, said Dan Peretz, corporate vice president for R&D and Business Development at IMI.
THe MPRS is basically a picatinny range finder, scope, power source and ballistic computer coupled with a modified M203 launcher. It uses special programmable 40mm grenades.


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