Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG

The Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG is the latest scope from Trijicon. This scope is unique because it does not use the light gathering fiber optics and tritium lamp combination that Trijicon is famous for, instead replacing them with conventional battery-powered illumination.
The scope is powered by a single AA battery that powers the scope for 12,000 hours (500 days). For comparison, the latest Aimpoint red dots sights last for about 6-7x as long.
You are probably wondering why Trijicon would choose to develop a battery powered scope when they are famous for their battery-less scopes. It is probably because tritium, an essential component in nuclear bombs , is a controlled substance in some parts of the world and Trijicon wants to enter those markets. Another reason may be that some customers do not want to have their scopes serviced every ten years in order to get the tritium lamps replaced.
Tritium is an unstable substance with a half-life of just 12 years.


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