SRM Arms 16 Round Semi-Automatic Shotgun

After I first wrote about the SRM Arms 1216 Shotgun over three years ago, it dropped off my radar. It has taken a while but the good news is that the gun is finally in production and on sale to the public.
The magazine is really four magazines in one. Each compartment holds up to 4 rounds, giving it a total capacity of 16 rounds. Once a magazine is empty, the operator must manually rotate it. I believe the bolt locks back when the magazine compartment is empty and automatically feeds a round when the magazine is rotated. The magazine is removable and cannot be reloaded after it has been inserted into the gun, like regular shotgun tube magazines. This video shows it in action …

The gun is available in a three sizes with varying magazine capacity, but only the 16 round model is consumer-legal without NFA paperwork.


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