On Rebuilding MG42 from Part Kits

Glenn Fleming, a gunsmith at Red Jacket Firearms, regularly gets requests from customers to rebuild MG42 from cut-up parts kits – apparently a job that is a lot less fun than it sounds. Glenn writes …
The thing is, when you are remaking them, they are a pain in the ass to get running right.
Remember, I deal with guns that have been cut up to the point the US government considers them destroyed. It’s no easy feat to make these things shoot again; that having been said, it can be done.
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Just look at the amount of post samples and even transferable rewelds out there. It’s no wonder all the surplus 8mm is drying up — a fact that I hate!
So, what did I learn through all this? Well, if someone says, “Hey man, we need you to build 4 MG42’s in a week,” . . . run.


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