Oberland Arms: German AR-15

As the AR-15 platform grows in popularity around the world, more and more companies are manufacturing them. I recently heard about a German company called Oberland Arms who are manufacturing high-end AR-15 and AR-10 rifles in just about every conceivable configuration.
Their cheapest line is the OA-15 Black Label that starts at € 1,295 ($1,700) for a basic M4 or A3 style rifle with a forged receiver.
Their top end rifle is the .308 Win chambered OA-10 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). This rifle starts at € 2,950 ($3,880).
Between the “budget” Black Label and the high-end DMR are rifles, carbines and SBRs in every shape and size. The company will soon be introducing its first AR chambered in 9mm.
Watch the VIDEO
Miroslav emailed us these photos that he took of Oberland’s booth at IWA ’12.


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