New Hornady 300 Whisper / .300 BLK AAC

In 2012 Hornady will be selling a line of .300 Whisper (compatible with .300 BLK AAC) ammunition. The subsonic load is a 208 gr A-MAX bullet that will achieve 1020 fps (480 ft/lbs, about the equivalent of a 9mm Luger+P load) at the muzzle of a 16″ barreled carbine. The supersonic load is a 110 gr V-MAX that achieves 2375 fps (1377 ft/lbs, about the same as a 5.56mm 62 gr SS109 load) at the muzzle. The ballistic gel comparison (below) of the two loads is interesting …
Both loads have a MSRP of $33 / 20 round box.


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