Kel-Tec’s Elusive Guns

Each time I post about Kel-Tec a reader invariably complains that they would like to buy a Kel-Tec gun but none of their local dealers ever have them in stock. I noticed this entry in their website’s FAQ that explains why …
I’m a dealer, why can’t I get Kel-Tec firearms?
We are asked this question a lot, actually. Kel-Tec is a distributor exclusive manufacturer, which means we have no control over which dealers receive our weapons. We have over 30 distributors nationwide that we rotate shipments between regularly. Once the shipments leave our facilities, we have no say as to where they go.
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There is a high demand for our weapons as well, which definitely contributes to the lack of availability. We are always working to increase our production to meet demand. So the short answer is: demand outpacing supply in conjunction with our inability to control the product distribution passed the wholesale level.
Kel-Tec is arguably the most innovate firearm manufacturer in the country. In the past few years they have launched two completely new guns designs (KSG shotgun and RFB rifle), and one mostly-new gun design (PMR-30 pistol), while most of the industry have been content with selling AR-15s and 1911s. I have always got the impression they are an engineering heavy company. Marketing folk may take a lot of flak, but they are an integral part of the system, without them the guns you want won’t find their way to the shelves of your local gun store.


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