I Smell a Lawsuit: ATA Arms Neo Inertia Shotguns

Recently a few firms, most notably Browning, have been launching shotguns with inertia operated actions. Benelli (now owned by Beretta) held a monopoly on the inertia technology until its patent expired a few year ago.
A Turkish company called ATA Arms have produced an inertia shotgun that looks almost identical to the Beretta Xplor UNICO A400 (a piston operated shotgun). The receiver is the same color, has the same wavy engraved lines and has the company name written in almost the same place.
ATA is obviously trying to make their shotgun look like the Beretta Xplor. I would be very surprised if Beretta does not take out a lawsuit against them, or at least prevent this model from being imported into Europe and the United States.


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