GWACS Lightweight AR-15 Lower Review

dead_pumpkin_1010799aoOver at AllOutdoor, Oleg Volk reviews the GWACS Lower, an updated version of the polymer lower that used to be manufactured by Cavalry Arms. 
The Cav Arms lower was popular back in the day but the company went out of business and sold off their designs and equipment. Oleg writes …
Unlike polymer clones of the original metal receiver, the GWACS Lower is extensively reinforced with internal ribs for strength in key points. Currently available in five colors for $199 each, these Lowers represent a saving of $126 over a conventional complete AR Lower ($325).
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That is achieved in large part by molding the grip and the buttstock integrally with the receiver. Shorter AR-15 A1 length stock makes the rifle suitable for a wider range of shooter sizes.


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