FNAC (FN Advanced Carbine)

FNH USA’s entry into the Army Individual Carbine competition is the FNAC (Advanced Carbine). The most notable difference between the FN SCAR and the FNAC is that the FNAC has a non-reciprocating charging handle and that the FNAC is 0.3 lbs lighter then a similarly configured FN SCAR Mk. 16.
The barrel is 14″ long and feature a M9 Bayonet compatible lug. Like the FN SCAR PDW and FN Mk. 20 SSR , the FNAC’s gas block is not topped with a folding front sight, and like the FN SCAR HAMR, the upper receiver lacks the cuts-outs above the barrel.
It looks like FNH USA has merged the best features of the SCAR family into one rifle, and added a few new features of their own, to make one neat package. It will be interesting to see if FN Herstal (Belgium) adopts any of these features for the next iteration of the FN SCAR carbines.
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