Detonics DTX Pistol

Detonics has published the specifications for a gun they say will go on sale this summer. Called the DTX, the double action semi-automatic is designed to accommodate our bodies Sympathetic Nervous System (automatic response to stress).
Detonics says …
The ideal weapon system would account for the SNS responses and include design principles to include:
  • A grip that conforms to the human hand.
  • A grip that can be retained when hands are sweating.
  • Watch the VIDEO
  • A grip designed to reduce the distance between the backstop and the trigger, thereby minimizing finger travel on the trigger.
  • A grip that enhances mans instinctive orientation to point shoot.
    Includes over-sized control features.
  • A site system based upon mans day and night color spectrum, instead of three-point dot orientation.
  • A break down procedure that takes seconds.
  • A break down procedure that does not require precision motor skills.
  • A weapon with very few parts.
I am a little skeptical about the pistol grip angle, although I applaud the company for trying something a little different. It is hard to judge form a single CAD rendering, but I think the grip angle is at least 5 degrees more extreme than a Glock grip angle. 1911 fans are probably looking at this grip in horror ;)
Caliber.40 S&W, 9mm
Capacity.40S&W 14+1, 9mm 16+1
FinishTwo-Tone Cerakote
FrameAluminum/Polymer Frame, 4340 Slide
GripAluminum or Polymer
Overall Length8.55″
Weight25.5 oz.
SightsLow Light Primal Sights
The MSRP will be $1099. Given how this industry works, if they bring this to market before the end of summer I will be very surprised.


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