Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed Shotgun

Turkish firm Derya Arms Industry have developed a nifty magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun called the Anakon.
The Anakon is a conversion of their conventional tube-fed semi-automatic shotgun and operates in almost the exact same way, feeding from a magazine forward of the bolt and ejecting downwards. It looks pretty bad-ass, but because it is supplied with just a 4 round magazine, it does not offer many advantages over a tube fed design.
This 12 gauge 3″ magnum chambered gun features a full length top picatinny rail and short under-rail, flash hider, M16-style carry handle, forward post sight and either a M16-style fixed stock or M4-style adjustable stock. The barrel is 19.6″ in length and the gun weighs 6.3 – 6.8 lbs depending on configuration.
If an American company imports this gun, replaces enough parts to make it 922r-compliment and offers a 7-round box magazine and a 20 round drum magazine, I think it would sell really well and make an excellent home defense shotgun.


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