Daewoo K11 Advanced Combat Rifle

The Small Arms Defense Journal have reviewed the Daewoo K11. This is, as far as I know, the first published review of the gun by foreigners.
From the review …
Problems with the U.S. OICW included fragment size and dispersion radius upon detonation. In simple terms, the fragments of the 20mm munition were too small to be very effective. In addition, there was insufficient explosive material within the 20mm OICW round to create an effective killing radius.
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Finally, when detonated in airburst mode, the rules of physics resulted in the majority of fragments being dispersed vertically and away from the intended target, rendering the fragments ineffective. These three issues worked in conjunction to kill the U.S. OICW program. It is unknown whether Poongsan has addressed this issue within the K11 20mm munition design.


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