Chris Costa leaves Magpul Dynamics

Chris Costa, Founder / President & Director of Training, is leaving Magpul Dynamics. Gear scout published a statement from Magpul …
“The future of Magpul Dynamics is not in question,” said Magpul Industries VP of sales and marketing, Robert Vidrine “but we are evaluating how we will go forward with the carbine training model. Replacing Chris is not plug and play.”
Chris will be moving on in early 2012 to pursue new projects within the industry, including his own training company. Magpul will continue to explore future opportunities to work with Chris, and looks forward to these projects.
It has been a privilege to work with Chris for the last five years, and Magpul wishes him the best of luck in the future. The fundamentals of Reality, Consistency, and Efficiency that Chris helped instill are central to the entire Magpul Dynamics instructor cadre, and will continue to drive their training philosophy and mindset.
In the same year that the Magpul owners cash-out the Magpul Dynamics CEO (Haley) and President (Costa) both leave. I wonder what is going on that we don’t know about.


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