Akdal 1919 12 Gauge “AR-15″ Shotgun Review

Imgp1997Turkey’s gun laws, which allow semi-automatic shotguns but not semi-automatic rifles, lead to all sorts of rifle-patterned shotguns that the Turks use for both hunting and plinking. 
All Outdoor has reviewed the Akdal 1919 12 Gauge AR-15-patterned shotgun …
We’ve all asked for it — an AR-15 format gun that shoots 12 Gauge shotgun shells. It seems like a simple request, but if it was so simple someone would have done it sooner.
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Ucyildiz Arms of Turkey took on the challenge by developing the Akdal 1919, and they’ve come closer than anyone has before with something feels and shoots like a 12 gauge AR-15. It is not quite an AR-15 format, but it’s really, really close.


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