What to do with your Bayonet

Over at Shooting Illustrated Kenan Flasowski makes some suggestions on how to employ your bayonet(other than putting it in-between an unlucky persons ribs) …
So maybe you have a couple bayonets that came with the firearms—what can you do with them? Well, to quote Bing West in his book “No True Glory,” “You can do almost anything with a bayonet—except sit on it.” Mr. West was comparing the city of Fallujah, which had just been occupied by U.S. forces, to the bayonet.

What can you do with a bayonet? Let’s divide the discussion into two categories: fixed, where the blade is attached to the rifle, and detached, where it is used alone. Obviously, the primary use of the bayonet is to run it through the enemy or slash him open, depending on situation, so we will skip right to ancillary uses.


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