Taurus SMT9 and SMT40 Submachine Guns

Along with their new assault rifles Taurus has begun production of their two new submachine guns the SMT9 and SMT40 chambered in 9x19mm and .40 S&W respectively.
Externally the guns are very similar to the ART556 rifle, but internally they are blowback not gas operated. They are a much more compact version of the Taurus CT carbines unveiled at SHOT Show 2011 but which did not end up being sold.
With the stock folded the standard SMT is 18.5″ in length and weighs 8 lbs. The magazines hold 30 rounds. A compact “C” version is stockless and has a shorter barrel without flash suppressor. The compact model is 16″ in length and weighs 6.3 lbs.


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