Steyr AUG Returning to USA, Not Happy About Clones

We broke the news last year that Steyr were planing on exporting Steyr AUG parts kits to the Steyr Arms (USA) facility in Trussville, Alabama for assembly into complete rifles. These rifles will be going on sale next month. The Steyr AUG A3 SA rifles now feature the cold hammer-forged barrels that Steyr are famous for.
European Steyr AUG A3 at IWA. Yes, something is not quite right with that scope.
The Steyr AUG ceased to be imported when the BATFE raided Steyr’s partner Sabre Defence and shutdown their factory.
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In the press release Steyr take a swipe at AUG clone makers …
Several companies have attempted to reverse engineer the iconic Steyr AUG for the American public, but unless a rifle boasts the interrupted four-ring Steyr bullseye beside “Steyr Arms” stamped on the receiver, it is not an authentic Steyr product. Any imitation rifles and/or parts do not carry Steyr Arms’ unconditional support, nor will the company warrant or repair them.


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