SiRT Training pistol

Dry fire practice is essential to honing in your skills, and it’s cheap too. While many of us dry fire with snap caps or an empty chamber, we know with semi-auto pistols we have to manually rack the action to reset the trigger. This can slow practice down.
The SiRT training pistol by Next Level Training attempts to speed things up to help the shooter get more trigger reps. They have a number of different models, and I chose one modeled after the Glock 17 since I shoot a Glock 34, which simply has a longer barrel. The SiRT gun comes with a plastic case and a dummy magazine so you can practice your reloads as well. There are two lasers, one that’s activated when the slack is pulled out of the trigger, and a second laser appears when you take the shot. What you’re trying to accomplish with the first laser is to basically have it lit the whole time, which indicates that you have the slack taken out.
The sights are a typical three notch sight, all in black. The trigger is adjustable through a number of poorly marked hashes encircling screws.

 It’s very hard to see the hash marks on the plastic housing, and it’s also a cumbersome process to dial it in. Reading the instruction manual was a chore. I come from a technical background, but deciphering the adjustment protocol took me a good 30 minutes. I then spent another 30 minutes trying to adjust it to my liking. I would pull the trigger on my Glock 34, then pull the SiRT trigger and make adjustments along the way.
When I contacted NLT about my experience, they informed me that the SiRT is really optimized for law enforcement and recreational shooters who shoot stock pistols. It was helpful for me to learn that it’s not designed to simulate competition triggers like the one I use.
That said, using the SiRT is a lot of fun and an easy way to get a lot of practice in. Even though there is no simulated recoil, I can still focus on my sight picture and trigger squeeze while transitioning from different objects in my living room. At $219 for the cheapest model, the SiRT training pistol is worth looking into. While there are some improvements I recommend like simulated recoil, I think it’s a solid training tool.
NLT hooked me up with a discount code if you’re interested in buying a SiRT. The 10% off code is “TS4” (TS=Top Shot) and if you’re LE/Military then you can get 20% off with “TS4LE”.


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