Polish Modernised UKM-2013 Machine Gun

The legendary REMOV sent us photos of the new Polish UKM-2013 machine gun that is set to be unveiled later this week at the MSPO International Military Expo …
REMOV says …
There is a proposal of modernization of the Polish UKM-2000 general purpose machine gun (GPMG) fed by 7.62x51mm NATO to the new UKM-2013 standard. The upgraded GPMG will be equipped with a new folding and telescopic buttstock with a cheekpiece and additional grip/pod, the integrated Picatinny rail with iron sight and 3-rail forehand attached to the gas tube, new grip, new cocking handle new safety switch selector, a new 440-mm barrel (as an option) plus some additional internal changes. The Polish Army is interested in this machine gun fed from the 100-round soft ammo bag instead of a steel box.

Because of external similarity to the Russian PKM GPMG chambered to the 7.62x54mmR some elements like a buttstock, a grip or a forehand with rails will able to be used with the Kalashnikov design. The premiere of the UKM-2013 will be at the 20th MSPO international military expo in 2 days.
I like the rail-integrated low profile rear aperture sight and the new stock design.


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