Kick Down TRRR (Torsion Reaction Recoil Reduction) Stock

A company called MDEK Systems has developed a prototype stock (patent pending) which they claim reduces felt recoil significantly more than traditional spring or hydraulic recoil reduction systems. The TRRR reduces recoil by “converting the linear in-line kick forces to dynamic torsion impulses within the stock. The torsion impulses rotate the gun download and away from the shooters’s shoulder and cheek and eliminates barrel rise. This action eliminates flinching and helps keep the target acquired making the shooting experience painless and more pleasurable.”
Like with any new miracle technologies, the proof is in the pudding shooting. I hope to review this stock on TFB when it comes to market.
The company founder told me they plan on manufacturing them for AR-15 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifles and Remington 870 and Franchi SPAS-12 shotguns.


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