Improved AK-107, 60 round Magazine & Holo Sight

The Russian Military have been testing a new version of the AK-107 which features an enhanced stock along with top and side rails. The 2011 model had the old-style stock and no side rails.
The new AK-107. combined with the Izhmash 60 round quad-stack magazine and the unidentified Russian holosight, make a badass looking combination that has plenty of firepower. The reason the gas tube extends all the way to the front sight is because it houses the AK-107 balanced recoil mechanism.


I cannot identify the rifle in the above photo. I am sure within 5 minutes of blogging this someone will identify it for us.
UPDATE: It is a SR-3 / SR-3M “Vikhr” compact assault rifle. Thanks Dansquadwrote.


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