H&K Will Never Sell Us The MP7 Because Its Not A Sporting Gun

UPDATE: H&K denies the allegations made by Jerry Tsai.
Jerry Tsai, editor of RECOIL, has apologised for publicly agreeing with an H&K representative who said H&K would never sell the H&K MP7A1 to consumers because the gun has no sporting purpose. I accept Jerry apology, it is H&K’s company policy that I have a problem with.
I think it goes without saying that I do not think that only guns with a “sporting purpose” should be sold to civilians, but I would argue that regardless the MP7 and the 4.6x30mm cartridge have plenty of sporting uses.
Varminters and wildcatters would go nuts for a new .17 caliber cartridge and within no time someone would begin producing bolt action rifles chambered in it.

FN USA should be commended for bringing the P90, a gun in the same class as the MP7, to market as the civilian legal FN PS90 Carbine.


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