Gerber 06 Auto

The big silver button swings the blade open, and it must be depressed in order to close the knife. The locking tab is underneath it.It’s funny how guns and knives just go together. I’m willing to bet that if you own a gun, chances are that you own at least one knife.
 I think I own 10 — I lost count somewhere along the way. I don’t know if the converse is true where many knife owners are also guns owners, but that’s a topic a knife guy can write about.
So I’ve been using the Gerber 06 Auto knife since February of this year, and it has been with me through many shooting practice sessions, competitions across the country, a number of hunts, and even fishing excursions. It’s in my bag almost anytime I’m doing outdoor stuff.
What I like about the 06 Auto is the quick one-hand opening feature (via a metal button), along with its compact length of 4.8″. The blade is 3.8″ which is a good length for what I want to accomplish. The handle feels good in my hand, and the G-10 grip helps ensure the blade is less likely to slip in my hand. 

There’s a locking switch in case you want to lock the blade open or close for extra safety.
For the knife un-initiated, the tanto blade is somewhat controversial, with one camp thinking it’s just for looks, and another camp who notes the tanto blade is thick all the way to the tip, which means it is less likely to break. I guess I don’t see why I need to pick one or the other!
On the range, a knife is an indispensible item. Your natural reaction is that a knife is designed to cut things. Ammo boxes, packaging, rope, and other stuff just begging to be cut. Well, it can do more than just cut. It’s actually useful as:
A screwdriver, a choke tool, and an extractor tool for stuck, expended cartridges and shells.


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