Geissele Hand Guard For HK556/416 And Other AR Rifles

Geissele has long been known for their top notch triggers, but their entry into manufacture of hand guards was unknown to me until last January.  I first ran into the new Geissele hand guard at Shot Show where I had some trigger time with it and was instantly a fan.  The Geissele handguard completely transformed the feel of the rifle.  Already an amazingly accurate platform, it now felt more natural, comfortable and at least because of the feel and new hand position, *felt* lighter than with the stock HK hand guard.  The Geissele hand guard  is wonderfully flexible, has amazing levels of finish and craftsmanship, but above all allows for easier and more effective management of the AR rifle.
Geissele makes the hand guards for your standard AR rifles and also for the HK based AR rifles, the major difference being that the one for the HK rifle utilizes the already robust barrel nut on that rifle.  The Geissele hand guard for other AR rifles comes with an additional barrel nut that the hand guard will attach to.

I’ve been running an MR556A1 for personal use for some time now and while it is heavy, mostly due to the heavy profile barrel, I find it to be the finest AR type 5.56mm platform I’ve ever used.  The MR556A1 version of the HK rifle has the aforementioned heavier profile barrel that adds bulk and weight over the slimmer profile barrel in the 416, but has other advantages.  But both the MK556A1 and the HK 416 ship with the same hand guard, the 9in quad rail that I’ve never really been a fan of as they are simply too bulky and not comfortable at all.  Additionally, all the rail real estate is simply overkill for me and frankly, most shooters outside of a combat zone that might be operating at night.  On top of that, the shorter quad rail limits the forms/hand positions one can take and the Geissele hand guard fixes that while maintaining a level of comfort I’ve never seen equalled in other hand guards.
The standard hand guard that ships with the HK 416/MR556 is a quad rail that I’ve heard is manufactured for HK by Daniel Defense.  Its a good, solid quad rail, but the edges are sharp in addition to my complaints on the bulk.  In fact, the edges are so sharp that any real trigger time spent with it means that you have to either 1) wear gloves (not a bad idea anyway to be honest) or 2) purchase rail covers.  I opted for rail covers for convenience, but they made the standard handguard even more bulky and reduced the handiness of the MR556A1 rifle.
On top of this, for maximal control, I naturally prefer a palm up hand position forward on the barrel which forces my elbows down (a problem for me) and enhances control, allowing for rapid transitions between targets while eliminating muzzle rise.  A longer handguard makes this possible and allows for more extension and thus leverage.  So, I’ve been looking for better solutions than came standard with the HK rifle.
So, I was delighted when I came across the Geissele hand guard at the Shot Show Media Day.  After spending time at the Shot Show range as well as a substantial amount of  time with the new longer hand guard on my personal rifle, I have to wonder why HK does not go with this handguard at least as an option from the factory.  After trigger time with both the 10.5 in and the 14.5 in hand guards, the improvement in handling and performance is spectacular.  On top of that this Geissele hand guard is made with pre-eminent quality and as I’ve said, its the best hand guard I’ve ever used.  Absolutely a match in levels of quality for HK products, but better than that, its absolutely comfortable which is more than I can say for the stock hand guard.
So, how’d this hand guard come about?  Like most items that come out of Geissele it seems, the hand guard was a request from a specific Department of Defense Special Operations Community to alter their HK 416 rifles making them more comfortable, more flexible and more rugged.  These folks typically have more flexibility with their tools and are able to make specific requests of companies to build or craft tools that better meet their needs.  These needs were specifically a more natural sling quick attachment point that could hold the weight of a fully equipped soldier or Marine, a narrower, low snag profile while maintaining full flexibility with mounting points.  And it had to have rugged anodizing that will not wear prematurely and maintain its comfort and grip in the wet or the dry.  This is what Geissele came up with and it seems they have a winner with very enthusiastic reviews coming in from the SPECOPS communities.


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