Fully Loaded Izhmash AK-12

Lionel attended TVM 2012 in Russia and took these photos of the new AK-12 fitted out with a red dot sight, flashlight, foregrip and laser/target designator.
Is it my imagintion, or does the stock looks really low compared to the optic? The distance is similar to an AK-74 with a side-mounted scope rail. The reason for the high scope mount on the AK rifles is that the top receiver cover is to flimsy to maintain a reliable zero of a scope directly mounted to it, so the engineers at Izhmash added a scope mount to the side of the stronger receiver.
Izhmash had the opportunity to correct a historical mistake, but chose to go with the status quo. This attitude is why they are having financial problems.
UPDATE: I have been informed that the stock is adjustable. The reason for the large gap in the photo is to accommodate operators with helmets and night vision gear.


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