FN’s entry into the U.S. Special Operations Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) competition

By switching out the bolt head, barrel and magazine, a shooter can have a .308, .300
Win Mag, or a .338 Lapua rifle within minutes. This particular rifle has a U.S. Optics
scope mounted. The suppressor is wrapped in a rubber coating to reduce the heat
signature and the mirage effect from the heat of the suppressor when fired. The plastic
enclosure below the chamber is a storage space for the powered rail system that will
be added later. The stock can be folded onto the receiver and the rifle has 3 safeties;
bolt safety, firing pin block and a grip safety. Stock is adjustable for length of pull, cheek
piece raise, and has a short rail on the lower side to mount a monopod. This rifle will be available to the civilian sector as the “Ballista”.


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