Rock River Arms LAR-15

Do all ARs look the same? Not the RRA LAR-15. It stands out  apart from others on the shelf but blends in out in the woods.
Do all ARs look the same? Not the RRA LAR-15. It stands out apart from others on the shelf but blends in out in the woods.
It’s a fair observation that hunters have been among the last groups within the shooting community to fully embrace today’s modern tactical rifle platform and indeed, among a proud contingent of traditionalists who love their bolt actions and smooth contoured stocks and receivers, the love has still yet to be showered upon the platform. But these attitudes are certainly changing, more and more everyday, led primarily by the growing contingent of predator and hog hunters among the ranks, who were quick to recognize the AR’s amazing utility and put its standard chambering—the 5.56/.223—to work on game for which the caliber is up to the task.
Indeed, familiarity breeds fondness, and after more than a decade of highly publicized deployments of our military; news footage of our men and women in uniform valiantly serving in action; adrenaline-fueled video games, television shows and movies in which ARs are visibly employed; and their respected performance among the high-volume, competitive shooting crowd and now simply by plinkers on the range who love the look and rapid-fire fun of the firearm, the tactical rifle has become as ubiquitous as the bolt-action .30-06 or the semi-auto 12 gauge.

RRALAR15-LeadWhile the classic gun designs used primarily for the field and forest for generations still do their job just fine and will always maintain an air of beauty and form-to-function timelessness, the increased interest in and use of ARs among hunters has spawned a plethora of expanded chamberings and design features made to appeal and serve this important segment of the shooting market.
On that front, Rock River Arms LAR-15 in either their WYL-Ehide or PRK-Ehide finishes certainly delivers—and in a way that is one part novelty, two parts practical and all pure design genius. After completing my first book on which I wrote about ARs, I jokingly quipped to my publisher upon looking at the page layouts that to the casual enthusiast, we could have virtually used only a handful of rifles to illustrate the hundreds of AR models covered because for the most part—except for a rail here, a muzzle attachment there or the stock used—they all looked pretty much the same. That’s where this Rock River Arms (RRA) model departs from the crowd. It stands out visually among its competition on the shelf or at the range, but blends in in the field where it should.
The LAR-15 Hunter boasts all of the features a true tactical rifle fan will want in an AR with RRA’s nod to quality and design infused throughout.


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