Lionheart Industries LH9C

LH9C   Lionheart IndustriesThe Lionheart Industries “L” series of pistols were introduced earlier this year and recieved a lot of attention.
To give you a background of this pistol series it helps to know who makes them. Lionheart  formed a strategic alliance with S&T Motiv in order to bring these pistols to the American market. Now you’re probably asking yourself who the heck is that. Well you know them by the more common name of S&T Daewoo based in south Korea. Daewoo is an experienced company that most people know from the 1980′s when they introduced the Daewoo 5.56 carbine. Those familiar with the company know they make excellent firearms. In fact they manufacture most of the South Korean military small arms.
Lionheart opened it’s doors in November of 2011 in Redmond Washington in a brand new 70,000 square foot world headquarters. Not long after they partnered with Daewoo in designing this new pistol series. The “L” series comes in a compact version which is the LH9C. The second and third versions are the full size LH9 followed by the full sized rail equipped LH MKII. All versions are currently chambered in 9MM. All “L” series pistols are finished in Cerakote in a variety of colors as well as two tone models. Both full size models are shown below.

MKII   Lionheart Industries

LH9   Lionheart Industries full
If appearance is any indication these are going to be excellent pistols. We’ll know for certain before to much time has passed. We’ll be doing a review of the LH9C fairly soon.


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