Less-lethal Launchers In Turkey

tac700 less lethal launcherThe Rogue Adventurer has written a post about the wide range of medium-calibre riot guns in use by Turkish police during the on-going protests. While most of the west took a ignore-them-until-they-get-bored approach to  dealing with occupy protestors, Turkey is taking the opposite approach.  They are using every less-lethal system they can get their hands on in an attempt to move the protestors, who are protesting because the government wants to turn a city park into a replica Ottoman-era military barracks (featuring a shopping mall on the lower floors … weird). One of the more interesting guns is the US-made Pepperball TAC-700, which is nothing more than a slightly modified Tippman paintball launcher (see above photo) that shoots CS, PAVA or dye filled .68 caliber paintballs.



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