Izhmash Prototype VS-121 Sniper Rifle

izhmash-bullpup-sniper-rifle.si-1Izhmash has unveiled a prototype sniper rifle called the VS-121. This bullpup rifle uses an action based on the Dragunov sniper rifle action. With its heavy profile 24.4″ barrel it weights just under 10 lbs. 
It will be chambered for 7.62x54mm, 7.62x51mm and a new cartridge Izhmash is developing.
Izhmash competitor OTs supplies a very similar rifle to Russian security forces. The OTs-03 SVU is also a Dragunov bullpup conversion, but the older design lacks modern features such as full length picatinny rails. The Dragunov action is not known for its accuracy. The long and heavy barrel should compensate for this, but I am curious why the company did not scale up their new AK-12 and use it instead. I suspect Izhmash plans on competing with OTs for government contracts.


OTs-03 SVU


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