Inteliscope: Use Your iPhone As A RifleScope

product-heroThe Inteliscope is a picatinny mount for the iPhone which unlike, other phone picatinny mounts which we have blogged about before that mount a smartphone for use as a ballistic heads up display, allows the phone to be used as a digital scope.
An app for the phone overlays a reticle on iPhone camera’s video feed, as well as other useful ballistic and weather information. The app also allows the user to digitally zoom in up to 5x and can act as a shot timer.
Instagram-like video filter effects can be used to simulate shooting using a thermal scope (see the photo above). This may be gimmicky, but I can see people writing clever apps that can highlight movement on the screen, maybe drawing a box around moving objects (like a digital camera’s auto-focus) or highlighting a moving object in a bright color.
The Inteliscope (iPhone Touch, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S) goes on sale next month.


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