Chiappa Makes Winchester 1887 Clone

Chiappa 1887
Chiappa is now making a clone of the Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun.  The Chiappa states the gun can handle all modern “high-pressure” 2 3/4″ shotgun ammo.  It has a five shell tubular magazine and can also hold two additional shells (one in the chamber, one in the receiver) for a total of seven rounds.
The gun will ship with either a 22″ barrel or a 28″ barrel.  The stock is walnut and the receiver is either case colored or polished blue.  The 22″ barrel shotgun weighs nine pounds, while its longer brother comes in a nine pounds, four ounces.
The shotguns are assembled by hand in Italy.  MSRP runs from $1,333 to $1,533 (US) depending on which model and finish the buyer wants.


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