Practical Steel Rifle Targets

I prefer to shoot steel, it’s cost effective and nothing beats that distinctive ring of a bullet whacking a steel plate from 100+ yards adding to the fun of the whole shooting experience.  Steel  is can be fast to setup and tear down and there’s very little cleanup required at the end of the day, just grab your target and go.
Stake-n-shoot kit
For those concerned about the environment, shooting steel saves a LOT of paper targets.  When I used to shoot mostly paper, I would go through 500 targets a year or more.  That’s a lot of paper. Steel targets can last you a lifetime and no trees are harmed in their use.
You’ll noticed I said that steel can be easy to setup and take down.  That’s because not all steel targets are created the same.  Some are heavy and require tools to assemble multiple parts every range session.  Others, like the Challenge Target “Stake-N-Shoot”, are left fully assembled for transport and at 13lbs are light enough you can easily walk two down range without much effort.  Setup is incredibly simple too. Just stomp on the flange attached to the big spike into the ground and go.  If you live in an area with really hard ground, take a big hammer down range with you and beat it into the ground – you’re not likely to break it.  It’s built like a tank.

The target featured in this article is the Stake-N-Shoot 8″ Popper which is rated for rifles.  You can shoot both handguns and rifles at this target as it’s made of high quality AR500 steel and is 3/8″ thick.  The minimum safe distance for handguns is 7 yards and the minimum safe distance for rifles is 100 yards (with velocities not higher than 3,100 fps at impact).  The target stands about 20″ tall so it’s easy to see at range.  You can use a can of cheap spray paint to make it any color you like for easy visibility.
The targets come disassembled but it only takes a couple of minutes to put them together.  Once together, there’s no need to take them apart for anything unless you want to reverse the target to extended its life (flip it around).  You can shoot FMJ (full metal jacket) rounds at the target, but it’s not recommended you use AP or steel core ammo.  I’ve shot mine with Wolf bi-metal bullets and have had no issues.
These targets are very affordable at $129 for the 8″ popper, but Challenge Targets has agreed to give our readers a short term discount code bringing the price down to $99 per target.  That’s an amazing price for a target that will last you literally a lifetime. I use the Stake-N-Shoot targets regularly on the Military Arms Channel and really like how light weight they are and how simple they are to setup and take down.  It’s a big time and money saver for me.


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