Exclusive: Czech Point Vz58 SBR

This weekend I had the chance to handle the new CzechPoint Vz.58 SBR that will hit the market this fall.  I’m excited about the introduction of this rifle as I’m a fan of the full-size Vz.58 which really hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves in the U.S. market.
The rifle is being built by CzechPoint and exclusively distributed by AGS Armament.  I’ve been promised one of the first production models off the line and will give you a full report on it once I have a chance to thoroughly wring it out.  Here’s what I know so far.
CzechPoint takes a standard Vz.58 rifle and shortens everything forward of the receiver (gas system, barrel, handguards, etc.).  Two versions will be available. The one you see here has a heavily truncated front handguard making it an exceptionally short package.  The other (not pictured) will have a standard sized front handguard and will be about 4″ longer over all.  The super short SBR (pictured) will have a length of 28″ with the stock extended and 19″ with the stock folded.  That’s a VERY small package.  I didn’t have a scale on hand to weigh the rifle, but I will say it felt as though it’s less than 6lbs so it’s a very light package as well.
The front sight post is much finer than a standard Vz.58 front post which helps in obtaining a more useful sight picture with the short sight radius.  The rear sight is typical for the rifle with graduated elevation adjustments up to 800m, which I find to be more than a bit optimistic for a 7.5″ barreled 7.62×39 rifle.  I would say it has a practical effective range of 200m or so at best.The rifle is chambered in 7.62×39 with rumblings of a 5.56×45 version down the road.  The muzzle wears a CzechPoint designed muzzle brake that adds another 1″ or so to the length and is said to be effective, however I didn’t have a chance to shoot it to confirm the effectiveness.

The rifle I handed didn’t have a left side accessory rail for mounting optics. The final production version will have drilled and tapped holes so you can attach a rail mount yourself (sold separately). This will give you the option of mounting optics in a similar fashion to how they are mounted on AK’s.
The aluminum 30 round magazines will be abundantly available.  The gun has a very nice fit, finish and fell to it.  I did notice it wears a Mako Group type pistol grip which I’ve found to be very ergonomic on the Vz.58.
The price will be in the $1,100 – $1,300 range, plus don’t forget the pesky $200 NFA tax for it being a SBR.  However I will say this, I want one.  Bad.  It’s amazingly light weight, short, handy and quite possibly one of the best truck guns you’ll find on the market assuming it works as good as it looks.
A lot of people mistake the Vz.58 as a relative of the AK-47 — but it isn’t.  The only two things the Vz.58 has in common with the AK-47 is the caliber and a similar outward appearance.  Internally the two are nothing alike.  The gas system, trigger system, magazines, stocks, safety, etc. are all quite different and not a single component is interchangable between the two.  The Vz.58 has earned a stellar reputation for reliably though, which is another attribute it shares with the AK-47.


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