Choosing a Sight for my Tavor

I picked up my first Tavor about a month before it officially launched.  When I picked it up from my local gun shop (Blythes Sports) I rummaged through their red dot sight cabinet looking for the perfect sight for the new rifle.  I wanted something quality and something that looked at home on the rifle.  The SRS seemed to fit the bill, so I bought it.  Boy, was that a mistake.  Find out more from this blog post about my issues with the SRS.When I picked up my second Tavor, a FDE model, I once again began a quest to find the perfect optic.  So far I’ve been considering the Aimpoint T-1 Micro, EOTech XPS-2, Trijicon ACOG and the Aimoint Comp M4.In this video review I talk about the Comp M4 and tell you if it will be the sight of choice for my rifle, or not.Be sure to share your comments below.  If there’s a sight you think I should be considering, post it and let me know!


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