What Percentage Of Criminals Want Gun Control?

What percentage of criminals favor gun control? A 1970′s Florida study – [I am in the wrong place to look it up but if memory serves it was 1974 1977 and the researchers name was Ball Burr>] – found that more than 95% 90% of those who were “pursuing a criminal lifestyle” favored gun control. The Carter Administration’s 1978 Wright Rossi Report indicated the percentage of criminals who favor gun control was very high.
This video clip is a somewhat humorous but perfectly accurate look at the attitude of those who pursue a criminal lifestyle:

More guns in citizens hands increases the risk that a practicing criminal may be killed or seriously injured while they work at their chosen trade. So of course every sort of criminal is for rigid gun control. And yes, that includes politicians. Who, as a class, are probably the most determinedly criminal class we have.


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